Tired of that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when the perfect prospect wants to work with you?

DIY'ing it looks something like this

that feeling that reminds you that your online presence and behind the scenes experience doesn't match..... 

Crafting a custom experience for each client.

Watching countless Dubsado "how-to" videos.

Losing track of clients in your lead funnel.

Hiring VA's to execute a process that wasn't mapped out.

refining it looks like this

Crafting an experience from lead ➡️ offboarding designed around your mission & boundaries.

Having a process in place that you trust to work for you when you're absent. 

Increasing brand loyalty & advocacy through your client experience.

now it's your time to shine.

Get ready to...

1.   Have confidence in the way you serve your clients.

2.  Convert high quality leads that love investing in a quality experience.

3.  Show your clients that you've invested in YOU the same way you're asking them to .

It's time to invest in refining and prioritizing your business operations....


"Investing in Loran will create capacity for you to make this investment back with ease."

"Loran was insightful, incredibly creative, and made the process fun!"


"This was the most seamless onboarding process I have ever experienced.  I was able to maneuver the entire process without feeling overwhelmed."


"Loran ain't a Dubsado girl. I'd definitely call her a Growth Operations & Client Experience Specialist. She's amazing!"



The Untouchable
Client Experience

A 14-Day experience designed to completely build out your Dubsado Client Relationship Management System, create a lead tracking system in your project management tool, develop a feedback/testimonial system, and create your SOP Hub. You'll have a completely refined relationship management process. 

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Here's What's Included In
The Untouchable
Client Experience

Here's What's Included In
The Untouchable Client Experience

complete dubsado build out around 2 signature services

lead tracking system development

feedback/testimonial system development

standard operations procedure (sop) hub development complete with a bonus template to create repeatable sop's

zapier automations for seamless tech integration

30-days of support following your service completion

All the details

This is how it goes down.


We spend 2-Hours on a Deep Dive session mapping out your entire process and identifying any gaps or bottlenecks that exist.

then this

Get To Work

I'll get to work setting up all the techie stuff while you....well....relax.

finally this


Deep Dive

One everything is set up, I'll completely walk you through what I accomplished and make sure you know how to start working with clients.


Total Value Price: $12,000

Investment :
$5,000 For Dubsado Setup Only
$7,000 For Full Service

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They found transformation, and so can you.

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"I went from stuck and overwhelmed to empowered and accelerated. Loran under promised & over delivered! I can finally give my clients an experience that meets their needs and satisfies my desire to give them an experience that matches my expert skillset."

jasmene b.

"The experience was absolutely amazing. If you're trying to get to multi-million dollars years...DO IT!! I wish I worked with Loran a lot sooner. It would have saved me a lot of frustration and money."

liz m.

"This entire experience was transformative for my business. This wasn't just about the incredible workflow she built for me -- it was Loran's experience and insight to know what to include and when, to make recommendations and give advice for my whole business. Anyone can learn how to use a platform, but few are true workflow strategists like Loran."

How can you elevate your revenue & impact if you aren't giving your clients a refined experience?

Oh hey 

I'm Loran, and I'm the disruption your business needs.

Almost 4 years ago, I didn't have any processes mapped out. I was winging this whole thing.

I would cringe whenever someone would book a call with me because I was praying they couldn't tell that I didn't know what I was doing. To make matters worse, I hired countless Virtual Assistants expecting them to execute on a plan I hadn't conceptualized.

I also wasn't attracting my soulmate clients (people like you 😉) because I was so busy doing admin tasks in my backend.

Instead of developing even better ways to serve my clients, I was chasing invoices, winging my onboarding process, no real client experience.

I was treating my operations like a project instead of the foundation of my business.

My promise to you.

Your systems & client experience are the key to giving you the freedom to be innovative and disruptive in your industry.

You've got questions, I've got answers.

why should i work with  loran elise collective? 

We've had 98% 5-Star 🌟 ratings since we opened our doors in 2019. This means that we have gone over and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with their investment. Also, Loran has been refining and developing processes for 10+ years including her time in Corporate. She has been the go-to expert in her industry since launching her company.

how long will my transformation take?

The Untouchable Client Experience is a 14-day process. This includes document gathering,  process mapping, implementation, and walking you & your team through your new process. As long as you provide us everything we need within the requested timeline, your transformation will occur during the quoted timeframe.

what specific tech will you be setting up for me?

We will be completely setting up your Dubsado account around 2 signature services, and building out your lead tracking system, testimonial request system, and SOP Hub with Template done inside of the ClickUp Project Management Tool. Note: ClickUp is the recommended tool. If you do not use ClickUp we can discuss alternatives.

i've been burned by other service providers, what makes this experience different?

We are so sorry to hear that you've had poor experiences in the past. We are professional tech & systems strategists and pride ourselves on handling our clients that way. Systems are woven into the foundation of our business and you can be sure that we've accounted for any thing that might come up. Also, our communication is top tier and we will always be proactive in discussing anything that occurs outside of the norm.

" I could not have done this without her"

"Where do I start?! We created such an incredible onboarding experience for my students. Loran was a delight to work with. Her communication is top tier and the way she thinks is mind blowing. I couldn't have done this without her."

shannon m.

"I feel like a real CEO now!"

kristian t.

"I have been having minor and major hiccups in my client experience using my old process which was all over the place. Loran helped me by developing a smooth, simple, and streamlined process that thoroughly guides my clients. I'm now running my business like a real CEO and my clients are impressed with my process."

Not everyone is the right fit for us. We only want to work with soulmate clients. Clients who understand that their process is broken and are ready to put in the time to do the work that is necessary. If that sounds like you, we want to work with you!


You've  Made It this Far