Positioning yourself as a sought-after expert just got easier 😉

Listen, I get it. There are a ton of coaches (who have never been where you are) ready to funnel you into yet another strategy filled program or workshop without an action-based plan to help you actually see a transformation.

That's not how we do things around here. 🙅🏾‍♀️

I know you're so ready to confidently show up and position your offer in a way that aligns with what your soulmate clients value. You're ready to get rid of that "link in bio" salesy energy and finally have people drooling at the thought of working with YOU!

You've been sitting back watching your competition crush it while you stand by with envy on Instagram. Tons of people are looking for what you have, but they can't find you because you've become a hidden-gem 💎 

Stop hiding behind your offer and finally claim the spotlight in your industry!

Breathe new life into your business and attract clients who are READY to invest in your services!

Finally learn how to position yourself so that you can scale your business like you're helping your clients scale theirs!

Show up daily knowing you're building impact, revenue, and legacy.

But, imagine if you could...

They found success, and so can you.

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Angela b.

My confidence as an authority has skyrocketed! Which will help me show up better online. But even more, Loran is helping me develop in many areas of my business. I've made CEO decisions that I didn't think I was "worthy" of making. And my client experience and branding are becoming more aligned with my level of service. Working with her has exceeded my expectations!

tiffany k.

Loran not only sets you up to be an authority, but an impactful authority. This is about more than just hitting six figures - it’s about giving your people a true life-changing transformation.

bianca w.

The insights and mindset shifts that working with Loran initiates is so worth it!! Investment was more than worth it and I am forever grateful.

the mastermind is right for you if…

You're ready to take an introspective look at how you're showing up and understand the mindset shifts required to elevate your positioning.

You're being overlooked by your soulmate clients because they don't know you exist. You haven't properly articulated your offer value so they're not prioritizing working with you.

You’re ready to do the deeper work to understand how you can start to influence, sway opinions & command the attention of your audience.

You’re ready to position yourself as THE ONE instead of hidden in the trenches.

hey, gorgeous!

I'm Loran Elise.

And I'm obsessed with serving and supporting done-for-you service providers.

I am ready to take your business beyond your wildest dreams. From systems to helping you build an infrastructure that will help you attract & serve your soulmate clients, I've made it my business to serve women just like you.

I finally found a way to marry my love for systems, social media and productivity to help you create a business that lights you up!

Ready for your leads to be obsessed with you in the best way possible?

elevate me, loran!

This session is designed to help you envision what life could be like one you implement the Powerful Positioning Framework™ and move you closer to implementation. The goal is to help you see what is possible for you as a Service Provider.


Learn my 3 Pillars to Positioning with Ease. We'll dive into the Framework I designed specifically to help you take action on the material we'll discuss during the Live event.


What does it mean to position yourself with power? You'll learn what you're losing by putting your positioning on the back burner (the 3Cs), we're highlighting your current positioning model and revealing the new positioning model I created for Service Providers and so much more!


You're positioned, now what? In this session, you'll learn some psychology sales methods for moving your leads closer to their buying decision.


What is powerful positioning?

Powerful Positioning Framework™

Closing Soulmate Clients Effortlessly

Systemized Goal Planning & Vision Session



Total Value Price: $657

You Pay : $57

Yep your eyes are seeing that correctly.
Now is your time to shine.

I'm ready to buy

Access to livestream and replay

Hot seat coaching for 2 lucky attendees

Opportunity to attend an invite-only
Bonus VIP Day 



Habits of a Service Pro Positioned for Power

3 Pillars to Positioning with Ease

Break & Hot Seat Coaching

Closing Soulmate Clients with Ease

Goal Setting & Vision Session


All times are listed in Eastern US Time Zone.



During the mastermind LIVE Sessions, you'll find out how to get exclusive access to this BONUS VIP Day for no extra charge! Come to the live sessions for the secret instructions to get access to these "closed door" advanced sessions with Loran!

Advanced Training: How I Raked In Multiple Six Figures as a Service Pro in 1 year and 10X'd My Authority (The 3-Part Framework for Creating a Profitable & Sustainable Biz Organically)

One lucky person will win $500 scholarship to work with me!!!

Still undecided?

Maybe these Qs and As will clear things up.

Why me? Why now?

I'm sure you've noticed that the Service Provider industry is changing. You can no longer afford to hide behind your services. It's time to position YOU as the secret sauce.

How do I make sure I actually implement the work?

Great question! Since we're all about serving YOU first, I want you to block off 5 hours on your calendar to be fully present during the Mastermind. Be prepared to take tons of notes and set aside some time after to implement your favorite parts. That's it!

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