The Story Behind Loran Elise Collective

Filed in Loran Elise Updates — September 14, 2019

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“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”

Loran Elise Collective came from one woman’s passion for helping small businesses succeed. I also see the beauty in women working for themselves, hustling, and being their own boss. I am fueled not only by my desire to be a woman who leads but also by inspiring other women to lead as well. I feel the most powerful and energized when I am amongst a group of like-minded women. This environment helps me to see my true potential and to recognize that I am in a position to help.

The desire to form this business came from my natural ability to get sh** done. No matter what position I held in Corporate America, I was always the go-to person. Despite the value I brought to many companies, the last straw was being laid off despite my efforts to help the company succeed. Enough was enough! I decided that I could reach more people if I took this journey on my own. I took my empathy, my drive, and my business savvy and developed Loran Elise Collective. I was so afraid at the thought of not having the security of a 9-5 but I decided to feel that fear and do it anyway!

I have always been good at being organized, focusing on the bigger picture, tech-savvy, and putting systems in place, so I now offer Business Management services. I understand the importance of having a System in place to automate everyday tasks like sending invoices, following up with leads, getting contracts signed, etc so I made it my business to help businesses owners like you in this department. I have many talents, but I wanted to ensure that I offered services that I am genuinely passionate about.

This is my little story and my chance to offer you a little glimpse into why I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs. I believe entrepreneurs and small businesses still have that human thing about them that makes people gravitate to them and I want to be part of that journey.

Thanks for reading. Drop your thoughts and feedback below!

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  1. Casie says:

    I love that you turned a set back into an opportunity! So inspiring

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