How Taking A CEO Day Has Elevated My Business

Filed in Business, Productivity, Systems — June 23, 2020

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I was doing a Power Session with a client and she mentioned how difficult it is for her to find time to work on her business. She spends so much time working for her clients that she never actually works on her own business. Of course we talked about time & day blocking (that’s another blog for another day), but we also talked about my weekly CEO Days.

She was so shocked to learn that not only do I take weekends off but I take an additional day to not do client work 😱. I asked her “if I am only making time for client work, when am I moving my business forward?”. She sat quiet for 30 seconds and whispered “I honestly never thought of it like that”. Listen, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t start my business to ONLY do client work 🙄.

Taking CEO Days started after my coach told me that she starts her Mondays slow. She eases into her week and doesn’t rush to do client work. She told me that when she sets aside a day to only work on her business, the rest of her week runs smoothly. Knowing that she took time to love on her business eases her mind.

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“What even is a CEO Day? 😫” A CEO Day is a day that you set aside to only focus on YOUR business. Your calendar is blocked for calls and you’re only completing tasks that benefit your business internally.

CEO Days are meant to be spent however you see fit. Need to spend the day reflecting on what went right and wrong last week? Use your CEO Day for that. Need to revisit your finances? Use your CEO Day for that.

My weekly CEO Days are mapped out so that I can do whatever tasks I need to complete to move the needle forward in my business. If I’ve completed all my tasks early, I treat myself with something personal like a pedicure, lunch in the park, or a trip to Sephora 💄 .

How you use these days are completely up to you, but I suggest doing this at least once a week. My CEO Day is Monday. I never skip it and I prioritize it just as high as client work and deadlines.

Think of it like this. If you’re sending emails to your email list, posting on all the social platforms, reaching to leads, etc., how do you know if your efforts are successful?

How much time are you taking to measure your efforts? If things aren’t feeling great in your business, a CEO Day is perfect to keep track of these things.

I used my last CEO Day to improve my Standard Operating Procedures. I wanted to tighten my processes for caring for my clients as well as the processes that I need my assistant to follow. This was something I put off for a couple weeks and finally took a CEO Day to complete it. Now my client experience feels even better. 💃🏾

My CEO Days have birthed some amazing ideas for my business. Introducing this into your business can do wonders. The client I mentioned above started slow with CEO Hours. She’d spend 4 hours per week on CEO stuff. It didn’t take her long to switch to an entire day and she’s loving it!


I wouldn’t just throw my hands into the air and say “that’s it, I’m no longer working Fridays. That’s my CEO Day” without having a plan in place. First things first, decide how these days can best be spent. Determine what you’d like to focus on. Will it be marketing efforts, personal errands, following up with leads, napping? Block your time off to get as many of these tasks done. Here’s a few things you can do on your next CEO Day.

3 Things You Can Do On Your Next CEO Day

  1. Work on internal projects. We all have projects that we’ve been putting off. Maybe you’ve been wanting to create a welcome guide for your clients, edit your sales page on your website, edit your Dubsado workflow, map out some content for an upcoming launch. Any of these are great ways to spend your CEO Day.
  2. Clean your digital space. Use part of this day to clean your computer and online systems. We’re content creators, so that means that we download photos, videos, PDFs, etc constantly. I like to take an hour of my CEO Day to clean out my Downloads to free up space on my computer. I also take a glance at my systems and see what systems I’m using and which ones I need to cancel. I do a thorough look at this once a quarter, but to make that process smoother, I take a look on my CEO Day too.
  3. Nap. You heard me right. Recharging is just as important as spending time on your business. If you find yourself working 40+ hours a week and taking care of your household, it’s totally ok to spend several hours of your CEO Day napping 💁🏾‍♀️. I am a huge advocate of napping and they make me feel amazing. This is what I started my business to do. To nap when I want, work on my business when I want, etc. So girlfriend, take a nap when the need arises!


Imagine being stressed because there are so many things you’ve been wanting to do for your business and you simply cannot find the time. Then your CEO Day comes around and you can check a few things off your list. Imagine how much clearer your mind would be, imagine how amazing you’d feel at the end of your week knowing you not only tackled your client work but also your internal tasks. CEO Days elevate your business and move the needle forward. It is important to love on your business just as much as you love on your clients.

So, do you take CEO Days? If not, do you plan to start? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. I hasn’t called it CEO Day (love that by the way), but I just started last week. YAY! I have mine on Friday because I like to review how the week went, schedule weekly updates (although guess I should do that on Thursdays), and then get down to business with whatever needs to be done. Last week, I FINALLY had time to do my bookkeeping which hadn’t been done for 5 months. This week I’m catching up on some courses I’m behind on and rewatching the 2nd module in your course.

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