The day I was laid off my corporate job, I felt like it was a gut punch. I did all the "right things." Got my Masters, got a job at a major corporation and they still said no, you're not good enough.

At that moment I finally said Yes to myself. Yes to my desire to work with women, yes to my desire to transform businesses and yes to my desire to give women their damn time back!

I'm Loran Wilson

A multi-passionate entrepreneur who built her mission around making women feel seen and served.

About the founder

You're probably a wife, mom, daughter, friend, sister....the list goes on. The bottom line is you're juggling a ton of things at one. Well, me too! The truth is we likely value the same things. Family, service, empowerment, fun, wine (or maybe that's just me 😜) and just an overall peace of mind. All of this is exactly why my business is geared toward supporting women. I get you. I am you. 

My superpower is helping women build the best version of their business while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with more time, consistency and coins! 

Over the years I've worked for companies where my work wasn't appreciated and I couldn't see the huge impact I was making. Now, I am able to touch small businesses daily and shift their entire world!

That's the kind of work that inspires me and fires me up! That's the kind of work I wake up daily to do. I can confidently say that the work I do impacts lives, businesses and families. This was my dream and my ultimate goal.

My business helps me combine my love for serving women with my love for tech, social media, organization and design to make women like you a whole lot happier!


Doing something fully or not at all. I also believe in doing things that feel good to me and have potential to move the needle forward.


Mean girl behavior, saying yes to every client for money (I only want to work with soulmate clients), and working weekends! 


Hanging with my biz besties, on coaching calls with my delightful students, hanging with hubby, or dancing in my t-shirt.

daily rituals

Morning affirmations, cuddles with my sexy husband + my cat Yonce', taking naps, watching trash TV (can't get enough of '90 Day Fiance'), and good skincare (I live for Fresh products!) 

About Me

Coaching and educational resources for Coaches & Service Providers who want to build their businesses with authority & position their expertise.

I value the beach over the mountains. This means I'll drop everything I'm doing to lay in the sun with a marg. 🍹 #caligirl

I value integrity over opportunity. I will never compromise our company for a "quick win".

I value watching Golden Girls & Martin 1000 times in a row. Thats it, that's the value 💁‍♀️

I value making my clients feel seen & served above all else.

I value champagne over wine. This means I'm a brunch girl through and through.

I value transparency. This means I love sharing my systems for getting clients results.

My Core Values

here's the #facts

• Graduated school with an MBA

• Was working full time for the Los Angeles DA Office

• Quit my job and randomly relocated to Atlanta


LEC didn't just happen overnight, it started with a burnt out service provider and a dream for a time when things would be easy. Here's my journey...

The Timeline

Through the years